Border Leicester Sheep Fleeces For Sale

Champion Fleece Border Leicester

Champion Fleece, Any Other Breed, Great Yorkshire Show (Border Leicester), exhibited by Mrs. E. Stokeld.

January 2018

Every year we have Border leicester fleeces available for sale to spinners/felters and crocheters. We ship all over the world. To date our fleeces have gone to the States, Canada, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark,Sweden, Finland and Switzerland.

The Borderleicester fleece is a very versatile fleece with it's long semi lustrous staple, it's never ending crimp, softness and strength.

We shear our shearling ewes and rams in end of May /June.

Our senior ewes and rams then get sheared round about June/July.

Fleeces of Border Leicester rams are between 3.5 and 7 kgs with female Border Leicester fleeces between 2.5 to 4 kgs. They are very lustrous with a superb crimp and good length staple and colour.They have a grade of 48/50 Bradford (29-32 micron).

 Every hyear we shear a few of our lambs at the end of August and have been delighted with the fleeces, which sold out very quickly indeed. They were so beautiful, so crimped, so soft and with a very good length of staple too. Dependant on how the fleeces grow next year on these lambs, we will do more and these will be available for spinners. If you are interested please register you interest as soon as possible with us

Here are pictures of one of our lamb fleeces and a shearling fleece from last year laid out on our skirting table. The lamb fleece is so soft and white and very crimped. The shearling ewe fleece is so beautiful with such long crimped staples. So beautiful!

If you are interested please register your interest with us as soon as you can


Fleeces are available now.


The Border Leicester lamb fleece

Lamb Fleece



The Doulton Flock Border Leicester Wool







If you are interested in any our fleeces for next year please email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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