Welcome to Border Leicester Sheep! Everything you ever wanted to know about Border Leicester Sheep - the sheep industry's "Great Improver" 

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Border Leicester sheep, their uses and advantages and where to get them!

Read on through our site where you will find all sorts of interesting information regarding the history, description and uses of the Border Leicester sheep. You will find details of Border Leicester sheep breeders and their locations in the UK and lots of associated information about this wonderful breed- "the sheep industry's Great Improver"!

If you are interested in advertising on this site, perhaps have some Border Leicester sheep for sale, please contact the administrator on borderleicester@btconnect.com.


About The Breed
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About The Breed

On this site you will read all sorts of interesting information-how the breed came about it-what a Border Leicester should look like- what the Border Leicester can do for other breeds of sheep.
We have tried to make it informative and interesting-we hope you like it! The ram pictured was the Kelso Champion Ram 2006 and was bred by Mrs. E. Stokeld of Nunthorpe.

Meet the Breeders

The breeders featured on this site are committed to the Border Leicester sheep.
You can read about them, their families and their backgrounds in the Breeders section.
The picture was taken at the Border Union Show in Kelso, and the class being judged was Shearling rams.
The judge was Mr. Jim Stobo.

About the Breed

Borderleicester sheep for sale

In this section we let you know when and where you can go to buy the Border Leicester.
We also include adverts from our featured breeders who wish to sell sheep privately. You can also buy
semen from this site.
The picture was taken at Kelso ram sales.

Top Tips for Picking Tups

Did you know that in the 1780s Robert Bakewell of Dishley, Leics. was renting out tups by the season for the equivalent of £88,000 in todays money?