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Border Leicester sheep for sale

The Border Leicester breeders on this website all have on offer excellent Border Leicester sheep for sale at all times through the year.



3/4 bred Border Leicester x Texel  shearling ram

Big 7/8th bred Borderleicester x Texel shearling ram. Very correct, very strong, will produce excellent replacement ewe lambs.

Last year's ram was put onto Blackies and Swaledales and did a superb job!!

Can be seen at home in Stokesley.

Call Ellie on 07860 363742    19th October 2015


5 Border Leicester shearling rams still available from home     

Through no fault of their own we still have 5 tremendous Borderleicester shearling rams. They are very strong, very correct,  with good mouths, superb skin, conformation, teeth and testicles. Can be seen at home in their working clothes.

Average price at Welshpool sales this year was £492.

Call Ellie on 07860 363742      19th October 2015          


Border Leicester rams, ewes and lambs for sale

19th October 2015


We always have beautiful shearling Border Leicester rams and females, ewe lambs and rams available for sale. In lamb shearling ewes are available for sale at certain times of the year.We offer Border Leicester shearling rams and females and lambs for export also.(See exports)

Please email us on


or call Ellie on 07860 363742

North Yorkshire 





Available now from home, (Stokesley, North Yorkshire).

Border Leicesters Flock Books For Sale

For Sale - New- 19th October 2015

Are you interested in the history of the Border Leicester? Do you know what the first  ewes and rams looked like and who actually owned them? Get your eyes well and truly opened when you see original pictures of the first of these great sheep!

15 Border Leicester flock books, dating from 1910 onwards.

These books are in very good condition and give a complete overview of the Border Leicester sheep as they were then, the breeders and prices paid for Border Leicester rams and ewes 100 years ago.

In the first instance please contact borderleicester@btconnect.com or call Ellie Stokeld on 07860 363742.


Did you know that in the 1780s Robert Bakewell of Dishley, Leics. was renting out tups by the season for the equivalent of £88,000 in todays money?